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Fishy Cartoons

The name 'Fishgoth' comes from a play on my initials. When I was at medical school, I was an occasional cartoonist for several student publications, including Gubernaculum, Megaphone and Oxford Student. I've reproduced some of the cartoons from 1992 to 1995 here. Most were published, although a few were banned or censored. Influenced more than just a bit by Gary Larson's Far Side, the cartoons do have a slightly adult nature, so they are not suitable viewing for children.

This cartoon was prepared for the Remedy UK magazine. Lyme disease is the UK name for Borreliosis.

This cartoon ended up in more than one publication and was precisely how I felt during a lot of my first term at medical school. It looks like the lecture is about kidneys from the cartoon. The lecturer could be any one of a dozen people I know...

This was turned down by the Catholic society magazine (I'm a good catholic boy). The editor loved it, but didn't think it would go down very well. Was eventually published in Megaphone. PS : I've no idea who 'Fisgoth' is...

Looking back at this one, I never realised how close this would be to Ear, Nose and Throat surgery.

I spent a week in a VD clinic as a student doctor (not as a patient). They had a book about sexually transmitted diseases with a picture of two copulating iguanas on the front. What I saw in that book was far worse than this cartoon.

I never realised at the time I drew this how close to the truth it would be.

I think I drew this after a vampire movie. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time.

For when you're next having a bad skin day. As far as cartoon stakes go, I was obviously very stuck for ideas.

A blatent rip-off of a Gary Larson cartoon. Oddly enough, even censored, this cartoon was rejected on bad taste, yet Larson's similar one with a crocodile was published in several daily newspapers.

Humour noir anyone?

I've been present during this operation more than once. I've no idea where the anaesthetist is - probably looking out the window or doing a crossword or whatever anaesthetists spend their days doing.

As a terrible rhythm guitarist, I've had gigs almost as bad as this one. And as a doctor, I've shown a bit more tact.

A look back on the Oxbridge tutorial system. This seems to be a neurophysiology tutorial, which I often dreamt of escaping.

Colorectal surgery is far more dangerous than this.

I loathe all 'Forever Friends' cards, pencil-cases, etc, with the overly cute teddy-bears on the front. They seem to be thalidomide bears. I tried to picture what would happen if ever they needed to do major surgery...