Origami Links

Origami is starting to become popular on the Web. If you use a search engine, you will find over 10,000 matches and there are already over 4,000 Geocities websites with an origami theme. Sadly, most of them are little else than a photo of a crane and a link to Joseph Wu's webpage. In this section, I have tried to review some of less well known websites out there. If you find a 'dead' link or wish your site to be added, please E mail me.
I will periodically update these links, and add a few more pages. If you would like your site to be reviewed, please email me.

Bits of John Smith

John Smith's excellent webpage offers a wide range of information about origami, including the most comprehensive history of paperfolding on the net. There are many pureland and simple diagrams, as well as several of John Smith's personal views.

Jake's Origami Gallery

Jake Crowley presents a delightful gallery of his origami creations; both his won designs and others. I especially like his various fantasy designs, one of which is shown here, and his selection of super-complex insects.

Mark's Origami Olio

Mark Morden presents a site with lots to see, including dollar bill folds, simple diagrams, two galleries and instructions for Joseph Wu's 'When pigs grow wings and fly'. There is even a section on 'Failed Origami titles'.

Nick Robinson's Website

Nick is a stalwart of the British Origami Society and presents his own unique website here. This has one of the largest collections of simple origami diagrams on the net, as well as comments about his published books. There are also sections about his band, the League of Gentleman, and other such humour. You have been warned...

Origami Montreal

This site is in French. As well as a collection of simple diagrams and information about Origami Montreal, this site has a photo gallery including one of the largest and best collections of work by Eric Joisel and Robert Lang on the net. Well worth a look.


Yuri and Katrin Shumakov's creation is a truely unique website that younger and older browsers will love. It is based around an origami journey in a fairytale land, with games to play, secret diagrams to hunt and much more. Well worth an afternoons browsing.

Hiroaki Takai's Website

This site is in Japanese. Hiroaki Takai presents a colourful site with a lot of diagrams. There are many simple and traditional models, as well a healthy selection of intermediate level dinosaurs (which is never a bad thing). The diagrams are clear enough for non-japanese to understand.

Meguro Toshiyuki's Website

This site is in Japanese. I can't understad a word of it, but one of the links leads to a gallery of several hundred photos of supercomplex models, mostly insects. A lot of these are accompanied by crease patterns too, and seem to have essays about how the models were created. If only I could understand the language...

Origami - The Fascination of Folding

Hans Birkeland presents a series of diagrams on this site. These are all computer designed, and most of them are complex or supercomplex - if you like difficult origami, then this is one of the best free sites on the net. Sadly, there are no photograms, but the diagrams are splendid anyway.

Pseudo Art Gallery

I haven't seen this site linked to much, which is a shame. Takaaki Kakitsuka presents a selection of his work, best of which are the large galleries of complex insects. There are a few diagrams here, too. He also gives instructions for his insect bases, from which most of his creations are folded.

Robert Lang's Origami Gallery

At last, Robert Lang has created his own website. He needs little introduction in the origami world - he is one of the best complex folder there is. This site also shows his artistic side, with a beautiful array of delicately wet-folded models. Be prepared to spend hours oggling.

Satoshi Kamiya's website

Be amazed. Although most of this amazing gallery is in Japanese, there is a list of english model names. Satoshi Kamiya is an origami genius. Origami doesn't get much more complex than this! As well as insects and mythical creatures, this is one of the few origami websites I've seen that has a gallery of characters from the Final Fantasy video games - a combination of two of my favourite pastimes!

Gilad Aharoni's website

I met Gilad at a BOS convention - thoroughly nice chap. He has a huge collection of his origami models photographed here. There are also a large number of origami books reviewed - one of the biggest book reviews on the web. There is also a rather unflattering photograph of myself somewhere on the site, too...

Star Wars Origami

Chris Alexander has crated a range of Star Wars themed origami models and hopes to publish a book soon. The models certainly look fun and range from Land speeders to the Death Star. This is a site in progress, and hopefully some diagrams will come along soon.

Design in Origami

This is a large French site designed by N. Terry. The link above sends you to the English section. This site has a large gallery of models by artists such as Halle, Manuel Sirgo and Lionel Albertino. Models designed by Lang, Kawahata and others are also displayed. The site also has a large selection of diagrams and links to diagrams. It is well worth an afternoon spend browsing through.