Resources for Teachers

I get several e-mails from teachers, and also pack leaders, play supervisors and others who work with children asking for information about origami, and whether they can use information from this website in their lessons. I have constructed this page to try and make life a little easier them. This links the main sections of this website that may be useful in lessons.

Please feel free to use any of the information here in lessons. My only request is that if text, diagrams or photos from this website are used, then please let the class know the website address. The site has been designed for a family audience and should be suitable for children of all ages. I also ask that you e-mail me and let me know how the lesson went, and whether the information provided was of any use!
To visit the links below, click on the title highlighted in black. If you wish to keep this page on screen to help you navigate, use the right mouse button to click and choose 'open in new window' from the menu.

A brief history of Origami

This section provides a short essay on the history of paper folding and its popularity in modern times. It also provides a link to more detailed websites.

Instructions and simple diagrams

This section provides directions on how to fold simple models. It is a series of 13 simple lessons, each one introducing a new type of fold. For a single one-hour lesson for younger children, the first model, the Samurai helmet, should be a realistic target. Squares of about 30 cm (or A3 sized European paper) should make hats that can be worn.

Useful links

The WorldWideWeb is a large place. If you type the word 'Origami' into any major search engine, you will get over 10,000 hits! I have included a few links below that should help someone new to Origami to navigate.

The British Origami Society
This is the website of the BOS, one of the worldwide origami organisations. As well as lots of information about paperfolding, there are lots of diagrams for simple models for paperfolders of all ages.

John Smith's Homepage
John Smith is a leading figure in the BOS and specialises in simple origami. He designs many of his models with children and those with learning difficulties in mind. These can be very rewarding models to teach as they are difficult to get wrong, regardless of the skill level of the folder! The site is also an excellent resource for information about paperfolding.

Joseph Wu's Website
This is one of the largest origami websites on the Internet. As well as lots of information, it has one of the most comprehensive sets of links to other origami sites.