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October 2007

No, I'm not dead. Yes, that was me at the BOS 40th convention. Yes, I still fold bits of paper. I've completed the MSc (Hurrah) and am working as an ENT registrar in London. There is a new version of this website on my laptop that is 70% completed. This one works with IE7, although if you're smart, you'll be using Mozilla Firefox. I've got a heap load of new stuff, including photos and crease patterns. It should be finished within a couple of months. In the mean time, I'll see you on the origami forum, www.thekhans.me.uk/forum.

August 2006

I've been rather busy for a while, so not many updates recently. I've been completing an MSc at Imperial College, London, looking at sensory nerve fibres and the role that they play in allergic rhinitis. Here are a few recent pieces of work. Hopefully, I'll be able to go to the BOS convention next month, so watch this space for photos...

June 2006

You may be interested to know that I've had an origami related article accepted for publication in the medical journal Injury, entitled Reply : Origami in dynamic hip screw surgery by J. Auyeung and O Thomas, Injury 2004; 35 : 1039-41. It is not in print yet, but viewers may like to have a look near the bottom of Gallery 4.

January 2006

I'm getting fed up with being ripped off, and having my work stolen. It's bad enough having to get diagrams removed from other people's websites, but now I have to put up with people selling them on ebay. For honest people out there, DO NOT BUY EBOOKS ABOUT ORIGAMI ON EBAY. Perhas I should rephrase that. DO NOT BUY EBOOKS ABOUT ORIGAMI ON EBAY. Got that? And if you are one of the loathsome little vermin who flogs off my diagrams on ebay, you are a pathetic thief, devoid of any morals whatsoever. What, you didn't know they were copyright? Fair enough. I'll just sell your computer on ebay. And pocket all the money myself.

Okay, enough moaning. I am seeing examples of this every week on ebay. They are basically a collection of pdfs downloaded from oriagmi.com or Joseph Wu's website or others (including mine) - you can get all of these for free from those websites.

My girlfriend was very nearly conned on ebay, too. She bid on what she thought was an I-pod nano, which the seller changed the description on the last day, adding 'This is an ebook' in small print. The only hint that this item was not an I-pod was the description 'this is filed in the correct ebay category' in small print also.

As a result, I'm starting a campaign. I don't know how far it will go, or if anyone will agree with me, but I'm going to do all to get ebooks banned from ebay. If you want to read more, click on the trendy banner. Oh yes, and happy new year.

December 2005

Messy Christmas and a happy new Year. I've added a second essay to the designing origami models section of the Essays section of the website. I've been meaning to add to this collection for ages. When 'Origami design secrets' by Robert Lang, it was such a good book, I decided that there was little I could add to describing models. However, I've decided to re-visit my sketchbook and turn some of my ideas into online tutorials. This second one is a tutorial on folding toes, with diagrams and methods for a range of models, including three crows and two dinosaurs.

November 2005

The entire website has been moved to a new server - I am getting fed up with the site crashing at the end of each month due to 'Bandwidth problems'. Hopefully the site will be permanently working. In the mean-time, the forum section is off-line (it was bugged, anyway) and some pages may not work properly. Please let me know is there are any dead links or missing diagrams and I will try to sort them out.
I am currently working on expanding the 'how to design origami models' part of the Essays section of the site. Several diagrams are prepared for this and should be up in the next month or so.

October 2005

Tiger anyone? The horse diagrams have been added to the website. They are quickly sketched hand-drawn diagrams from a while back, but show how to fold a closed back horse. I've cheated a bit with the photo below, which involves a wrap in the middle of the folding sequence, which makes the top part of the legs appear continuous with the hind-quarters. However, the crease pattern and proportions are identical, so your horse models should look very similar. Click here for the diagrams.

September 2005

A handful of new dino models. I've been playing around with closed back folding and designed or redesigned a few new ones.

July 2005

Ok, not a lot happening in the way of updates. I'm about to start an MSc in Surgery for a year and am try to organise this, so I haven't been doing a huge amount of folding recently. Just to keep everyone going, here is a photo of an intermediate level horse. I've prepared diagrams for this, which will be posted soon.

March 2005

A reply from Weebl, the creator of Magical Trevor. He states "that is so cool, nice one. weebl"

February 2005

Everyone loves Magical Trevor because the tricks that he does are ever so clever. Look at him now. Disappearing a cow. Where is the cow hidden right now?
For those who think that I've gone utterly mad, have a look here or here.

January 2005

Happy new year. Father Christmas brought me a new digital camera, so I've been able to take photographs of my latest works, including the elk model below. I've also added a new section to the website, the Fourm page. This section will allow users to post comments or questions about models or any other aspect of origami. I'm still fairly clueless about running a bulletin board page, so this may take a while to get the hang of!

December 2004

Apologies for the break in service - I've had more exams and my digital camera hasn't been working - it won't upload photos. When it does start to work again, I've got a stack of photos to post on the website. In the meantime, here is a photo of me getting rather drunk at a Christmas party.

September 2004

Badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, badger, Mushroom, Mushroom! If you have no idea what I'm on about, click here.

August 2004

I've been on holiday this month, so I've not done a great deal of folding. The family went to Malta and had a jolly nice relaxing week. One of the evenings was spent at a Japanese restaurant, and the staff were rather please with my tip...

July 2004

Having recently attended graduation at the Royal College of Surgeons this week, I've now got a piece of paper to say that I'm officially a surgeon. I haven't folded it (yet). This month, I've been working on a series of insect designs. A lot of these photos are still 'works-in-progress', however, I'm pleased that my designs are becoming more complex and more three dimensional.

June 2004

This month I've been working on revising some 'seamless-closed-back' origami techniques. By adapting some old models, such as the Triceratops design on this website, I have created some new dinosaurs. I have also created another rhino design.

May 2004

I've been working on a new style of folding to allow for multi-legged creatures. This has allowed several new creations, this new version of a mantis has thinner and longer legs than my previous version, a better body shape and much longer antennae. A have also devised a two-colour cow model that is a lot easier to fold than it looks. Finally, I have added a few new websites to the links section. I have found a lot of non-english sites I hope to add in the near future with some amazing artwork on them.

April 2004

I've finally turned 30. Nothing but grey hair and stiff joints to look forward to. Never mind, I've taken photos of some of my latest models. Included are a winged neptune beetle (please ignore the file name) and a blue dragon model.

February 2004

The new year has brought in some changes. Finally, I have passed my surgeons exams, so technically, I am now a 'Mister' rather than a 'Doctor', a peculiar trait of the British medical system. I think I'll keep the site's logo as it is, as I am not clever enough to change it. I am now working in west London and about to move to a new flat...


I have many new dinosaur designs that incorparate the 'closed back' design theory; in other words, they look a lot more 3D that models I have diagrams for on this site. Here are two new designs - a new tweak to my velociraptor design and a new protoceratops design. Diagrams will possibly be coming soon! These designs are dedicated to Mipi, a new internet chum of mine.

Fantasy Models

Here are two models I folded in time for last years BOS convention that I never got around to photographing for this site. Both use a form of stretched-blinzt-bird-bases to get the basic form. The Unicorn uses a lot of box pleating to get the mane and tail formed. Both models use a single uncut square with a colour one side and white crepe paper the other.