Readers' comments

Here are some archived comments from previous versions of my website. Again, my comments are in italics.

Thiona Wye -

this does not work you need to put the drawings on the pc don't draw then or right the hand righting in hand do it on the computer that way lots more people can under Stan what your saying and doing imp a beginner and i aunt got a clue what your doing my bear looks like some one ran over it with a truck

Stephen's Comments - I aunt got a clue what your on about, Thiona...

Lee Price -

First of all, I'd like to thank you for your web-site. I think all your models are absolutely amazing and fascinating (including the one-fold stegasaurus!) and the way you explain so clearly in your teachings on how to make the wonderful art of Origami has helped me alot. My name is Lee and I am 14 years of age. I found your site today when looking around for web-sites in which to tell me how to make origami models. The first five sites I came across had a fee to teach the basics of origami. Then I came upon your site, and was relieved when i found that it was free, so I thank You for that also. Today was the first time I had ever made an origami model, and so far, I have attempted the samuri helmet (which I gave to my cat!), the simple duck, the rabbit, and the chick, but only the rabbit and the helmet turned out only half the way I wanted, the others were worse! I really hope, to become much better at it because it seems such a great thing to be a part of.
I have read some of your mail, and found that there are some lovers of your work, and unfortunately, haters aswell. I have some advice for you, ignore the haters who send you nothing but a load of bullsh*t because they are jealous that they, themselves are not talented enough to make what you make, and praise the lovers who appreciate your work and find it nothing but extrordinary.
Please reply to me, for I would love to to hear from you, at
Thank you,
PS. Do you think up the ideas in which to make the models, or do you take the ideas from other folders? I just wondered...

Stephen's Comments - The one fold Stegasaurus is a Joseph Wu design, not one of mine. I tend to appreciate any negative emails as there is seldom any better praise. Although I'm not sure my vocabulary was quite as colourful as yours when I was 14 years old ;-)

Jessica Morgan -

I wanted to thank you for having such great diagrams on your web page. I have been making origami for as long as I can remember. My mother is a Childrens librarian in New Hampshire, USA, and this year the summer reading program is entitled "Reading Rocks the Granite State." This a program encouraging children to read during the summer months and to learn more about certain aspects of history etc. She is doing rock and roll stars with the older children, but her 2-6 year olds are learning about dinosaurs and fossils, rocks etc. I like to make origami displays for the children to look at because they really like doing the simpler origami and I hope that it will encourage them to keep at it. I found your website and I knew I had hit a gold mine. This is the best website I have ever come across for origami. I will try to send you a picture of the display when it is finished. I just wanted to thank you for you hard work and I wanted you to know that it is very appreciated.
Thanks again,
Jessica Morgan

I finally remembered to download the pictures form my camera. Sorry it took so long...
Jessica Morgan

Stephen's Comments - Many thanks for the photo. If I squint, I can just about see some origami. Please send some close ups!

Sebastien Curvers -

Hello Stephen
First of all, I am really happy to see that your web site is back. It is one the sites which make me really love origami, I have folded a lot of your models in the past years ... And I really admire your creations.
It is funny to see that I have used exactly the same sort of base for designing my own gryphon They look quite similar, I think I can fold a good aproximation of your model with your explanations.
I have partly diagrammed my gryphon, in fact it is just a variation of a previous design (a dragon), published in the BOS Autumn 2002 convention pack. I can send you the diagrmas if it can help you to diagram yours ...
Best regards

Stephen's Comments - Sebastien's dragon is a great model! Make sure you visit his website.

Cara Wilton -

Would like to compliment you on you your first class website.
Cara Wilton

Hector Butch Rivera -

Dear Dr O'Hanlon,
Your dinosaur models are excellent. Hope you don't tire of creating more of them (especially unusual theropods - Baryonyx, Spinosaurus, Cryolophosaurus, etc. and maybe even a therizinosaur). Good to see that you're constantly revising models to make them more 3D-looking. Keep up the good work!
Hector Rivera

Stephen's Comments - Watch this space - I'm always creating more dinosaurs.

chris campbell -

I love you website and your origami is beautiful. I would like to know how to do simple origami such as folding a dollar bill into a little shirt. Do you have any idean where I can find instructions for such a thing.

Stephen's Comments - I'm English, so I don't do much dollar bill folding. There are diagrams on how to fold a £10 note in the 'Essays' section...

A few comments about the Laproscopic origami model in the Essays section Vignesh Cumareshan -

This rocks! I am definitely trying this out when I get the chance through the years. Perhaps at last we can get a true origami style "butterfly in the stomach" (!)

Scott Cramer -

That is quite a feat, and certainly a first. And I think I speak for paperfolders everywhere when I thank you for not specializing in proctology.

Mick Guy -

So could we get a picture of a flapping bird inside a body?
I don't mean a real would have to be a paper flapping bird!

Brad Crandall -

Great site! glad you got a .com finally i remember about a year ago i ran out the bandwith that yahoo gave you and i just had to wait the 30 mis before it allowed me back in congratulations and continue this great site!
Brad Crandall

Snuffy Smiff -

I have finally taken time out to seriously learn the art of origami and want to thank you for your logical and clear diagrams and descriptions of this very satisfying art-form (therapeutic for me, I'm a transplant nurse!). I've searched online for hours looking for origami sites that make sense and can explain just what exactly is going on!
thank you again!

Paula & Gerard

Dear Stephen,
Sorry it took so long to reply to you. But I still want you to know that we folded your rabbit at the origami meeting and we enjoyed it. I've included some pictures and also the diagram as I copied and distributed it.
Rabbit 1 shows the examples we made at forehand.

Rabbit 3 shows me explaining something to two ladies of the folding-club.

Rabbit 4 shows the same two ladies, concentrating on folding your rabbit.

Thanks again,
Happy folding,
Paula from Holland.

ub -

Dear Stephen - - -
- - - can't add anything more.
Liron from Israel

Cliff the brute - NO!
kawahata's t-rex is far more betta than yous! yous steg looks like butt!
Kawahata's steg is a treasure and yous is junk!
yous t-rex has no teeth and Kawahta's does! Yous not even a doc!
Stop origami pls! Or I smack yous Doc butt! all yous dino model Stink like butt!
Kawahata rules and yous drool!
ps. all yous models look so simple and unreal!

Stephen's Comment - There is an 'r' in 'Yours'. Please see the GMC register for proof of my registration as a doctor. And get some manners, style and brains while you are at it - you lack all three.

Lube the drunk - Duhhhh

What? your models duhhhhhhhhh pathetic?

Stephen's Comment - I can see where you got your name from.

Dr. light - No Email

huh? duhhhhhhhhh

Stephen's Comment - Is it just me, or is there a full moon tonight?

Dr. stink - No E mail

your site stinks you dumb suergon!

Stephen's Comment - 'Suergon' is spelt 'Surgeon'

Bryan Easley -

I think that you are an amazing person to be able to do so many intresting creatures, especially the aluminum dragon. I would pay money to own something like that.

Dori -

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful site. I am a daycare provider searching for intresting things for my children to do to keep them intrested and this is definately something anyone can do, from the 4 year old to the 12 year old, though the 4 year old's work tends to be a bit messy and not at all what a professional would even be willing to look at, she still enjoys the activity. I need to buy some books to help, because even though your web site is spactatular, I still cannot quite grasp all the folds that are required to make the cute little Pikachu. *smile* Still there is much to do and show, so I thank you again for all the wonderful work you have done here.
As always,

Robinh Bassion -

Thank you for helping me get instruction and guidance for my Girl Scout troop in completing our numbers and shapes try-it patch (part of which was to experiment with origami paper folding)
You have a wonderful site!!! I sent the web address home to all the parents to let them know where we got all our information:)
Robin Bassion

Hilda Grant -

Good evening. I am working on a teachers certificate course and have been challenged to organise a 15mins microsession with my fellow students. I would love to do some basic origami as my subject. I have found your diagrams etc to be extremely clear and would like to ask your permission to use them for my session at college. I hope to hear from you soon.
Best wishes

Patrick -

This is absolutely beautifulllll! Your diagrams are really good to follow. Are there any more Insects coming? That would be great! My wife asked me for a mouse, to use in her music-school, do You have one?
Goodbye, Pat

Carmen -

awesome site ! I am a beginner beginner with orgami, I appreciated the simple visual instructions.


Great site! How do I make an origami pussy and tits? thanks.
P.S. Send a diagram if u can. :O)

Stephen's Comments - There are diagrams for two cats on my site, and there are plenty of diagrams for small birds in Kawahata's many books.

Friederike -

Many thanks for your mail. It is a pleasure to hear that my website brings you so much joy. As a medical student, I was taught something valuable once - never forget how much pain hurts or fear frightens! I bear this in mind whenever I see any patient, no matter how trivial or serious the condition.
I am happy to hear that you think so "positive" about my "abusing" of your website. Next week I will have to use it again. But this time a bit different. I have a doctor appointment ( do NOT need to stay overnight ) and I will be bringing the nurses of the station (correct word in british hospitals?) some of your wonderful rabbits and maybe a few things more. They will give it to the childrens bedrooms. But I guess some of them will make it home with the nurses. For the future I wish you enough time for your hobby, because I know young doctors at the hospitals have to work grueling hours (here in Germany as well).
Again a big thank you

Friederike -

Dear Doctor Stephen O“Hanlon,
Why a thank you, and why the doctor title ? For me the two things together helped me a lot last year. Since a traumatic expierience as a child I am totally afraid of hospitals. I even have problems visiting a friend in hospital. Last autumn my condition turned really bad, the world around spinned uncontrollably, my sense of balance was gone and I had double vision. (I have multiple sclerosis) So my doctor insisted to put me in hospital. I felt like a trapped animal in a cage. Most of the doctors laughed at me when I told them about my fear, but one took some time to talk to me. I do not know how or why but we got to the subject "hobbies" and then I thought of your website. He gave me the tip to think of your website every time I felt the fear to take control over me. It worked, well some days better and some days not so good, but it helped me through 7 days in hospital. An unusual thank you ? Maybe yes, but I think you deserve it.
Thanks a lot
PS: I like your models too, especially the rabbit. Easy and very cute. I always enjoy your postings on the maillist.

maggie -

this is a great site keep up the good work :)

Joli -

Great chess set - too bad I don't play. The dinosaurs are great, too. I have a friend who loves pigs so I must try the pig. I would love to have your ass (in the UK sense, not the US sense). Are the diagrams somewhere on the site? if so, where? If not, will they be in the future?
Thanks for the diagrams

Kendall Wallace -

could u please tell me what an offset preuminary base fold is? cuz im on 1 of the dinasaurs and i cant do it.please help me.

Stephen's Comments - Perhaps you should try simpler models first - steps for the preliminary base are in the basics section

benjamin -

I really like how you put all the origami dinosaur instrutions on this site.Can you put on an origami pterodactyl?I think this is the best origami web site.

Vienna -

Pikachu is certainly not a cross over of a banana and a mouse! Anyhow I loved them very much. Hope there will be more pokemon models comming up.

MARZIANA - No email

it was so amazing.

Stephen's Comments - I presume you are talking about the website...

Madeleine -

Hi! i love the page! i saw your diagrams and thought that maybe i should try it =o) , so now i“m gonna try to fold my first Thin Cat! I saw the pictures of your critics and the poor deer, funny! i laughed when i saw the last picture they looked so satisfied with their "work"

aj -

tell us how to make this stuff

Stephen's Comments - Hmm, where do I start?

Arline Young -

What a great site! May I request permission to photocopy pages for my public elementary school after school origami class? I teach a very diverse class in an inner city elementary school. Most of the kids have no access to a computer to look this up themselves. Their enthusiasm for the new adventure of origami, as well as their struggles with the patience required is encouraging to me. I would also like your mailing address so the kids can send you a thnak you note.
With sincere gratitude,
Arline Young

Karen -

I want to thank you for this website. It is very organized and user friendly. I am beginning a Japanese unit in my 3rd and 4th grade classroom and the diagrams of origami on your website should come in handy.

Coco kitty -

This website is f******* terrible!

Stephen's Comment - Thank you for your thoughful and constructive comments.

tiarna -

your sight was great and helped me to learn about and teach origami to my class of year 5 students they had a ball today! thank you for sharing your skills and talents

Wayne E. Weatherwax -

Big time surfing for a fortune teller for my Granddaughter. Enjoyed the site immensely, now all I have to do is practice to please both the wife, and granddaughter. Many thanks for sharing your art and skill
with an old retired Navy Chief.

Emmajg -

Hello Stephen
I love your site and have visited many of times over the years and always send people to your site. I have my own website and I have a link to your site. I have made a new page with "ideas" on what to fold for certain occasions.
I have put links to your website.
I hope this is okay, if you would like me to change anything please contact me.
Thank you
take care

Gray Carper -

Greetings, Dr O'Hanlon
The company I am employed by, xRhino Inc, has been looking to post a bit of fun, rhino-related information on our website. Origami was the first suggestion - so we've been hunting recently. I came across your fantastic origami website yesterday and have been hoping you'd let us post your rhino diagrams. If given permission, we would, of course, give you full credit and a link to your website. We'd also want to place a copy of your diagrams on our server - just so we don't have to rely in geocities to be up all the time. We like to control what we can when it comes to website uptime.
So - if you will let xRhino use your work, we would be most appreciative!
Thank you so much!
Gray Carper
Technical Lead
xRhino, Inc.

Stephanie Hairston -

Wonderful, wonderful page! It's nice to have an origami site that's so nicely designed and so regularly updated. Your designs are brilliant! I'd love to see more diagrams, but hey, I understand that's a pain... Thanks!

Kay -

I love the photo essay on Mabel and George as they KILL the antelopes! Dreadfully hard on your emotions, I'm sure, after all the work that went into the folding of those little beauties, but for those of us who have cats, all too familiar a story. (Even as I type this, Roo is ripping a corrugated cardboard box into tiny pieces which will then be strewn about the living room.) Thanks for sharing the photos.

Gareth Louis -

This is a really neat webpage.

Louis -

Great Site!

Alicia Shinozaki -

Hello, (I am Argentine, I am weak in english)
I saw your page and I think that it's an excellent web page of origami. Congratulation!!!! Chess's origami it's fantastic!!! more...

carol judy -

I 'surfed' several pages for easy yet comprehensive steps. Yours is rated #1 by me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I really enjoyed the phptps of what you have folded into being.
carol judy
Roses Creek Tennessee

Cheng, Angie -

Now, I have never actually emailed a completely stranger for the sole purpose of congratulating them, but here goes ... you know, I haven't completely finished browsing thru your whole site, but I have to say that, so far, it is theeeeee best origami site. Clear, concise, humorous, and easy to learn. Furthermore, I want to learn more, and I want to browse the whole site, given a little time of course. Well done...and thank you!

patty adams -

Hi Dr. O'Hanlon,
Our book club went very well. My son and I wrote a story about a flapping crane and we folded the crane as the story was being told. The kids really liked it. They also liked receiving copies of how to do the basic origami. It was all a nice success. Thank you again for allowing us to use the information from your web site. I put a cover sheet on the information with your name and web address and I am sure the kids will be visiting your site to check out all the wonderful projects you have on it.
Thank you again,
Patty Adams

James Lee Burgener -

I spent several hours searching for exactly what your web site offers, an introduction to Origami on a level which we beginners can understand and the opportunity to expand if capable. My search was in an attempt to find ornaments which I could build with my grandchildren to show them the rewards in creating a home style Christmas. Your basics will go well with popcorn and cranberry strings. Have a Merry Christmas and thank you again.
Sincerely yours,
James Lee Burgener Sr. (a.k.a.

Seth George -

I need help trying to find a realistic rose. You see there is this girl that I like and instead of getting the usual roses I wanted to send her, for Christmas, a oak/ceder box with 12 long stem (Origami)roses. CAN you help? I am like on my knees begging for help here. I would be kissing your feet if I knew you in person. LOL Ok now that the stranger has freaked you out, here is something else I need info on.
I saw you mentions something about "Origami for the Coinnesieur". I take this is some kind of book. If it is, is this the right title?
Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail.

Robyn Snyder -

I run the computer lab at an elementary school. I had noticed some interest in origami among my students so included a site that contained a link to your site in our latest "field trip". Great site!!

Ivan - ivadj@beotel.yu

HI Stephen,
I think you are great designer because your models look realy great and they are actualy wery simple. Your diagrams are simple if you compare them whit other well known origamists.Dino page is amazing.IN fact they are wery simple and they look superb.Animal page is little emptier than dino page but she is also great looking. I can't wait for moment when you finished a Diagrams reviews page.

Abraham -

It“s the best of Origami sites I ever seen. Great thanks for it.

Jacob DeBoer -

Dear Mr. O'Hanlon,
Hi I am 12 years old and have been folding since I was 4. I just recently found your website acouple months ago. Since then I have printed out many diagrams from here. I like your animals and dinosar diagrams the best. I tried folding your new atlas beetle and i really liked the result. thank you for your putting your models on this site, they are a challenge and I really enjoy folding them.

Shawn Allen -

Thanks for putting those diagrams up, I had a great time over the weekend folding your atlas beetle. It was a little harrowing though getting to page 3 and finding it was the same as page 2. I spent saturday afternoon trying to figure out how to reach page 4 and then you saved me from a nervous breakdown on sunday. A very nice beetle it is too, I really like your work. Shawn.

Cathy Martin -

My 11 year old son's Art teacher taught them how to fold an origami frog yesterday in school. He came home very excited and said that he loved the feel of making this out of paper and asked me if I could get on the internet at work and find him some designs. So I found your site and pinted out all of the basic instructions for him last night. He spent 2 hours folding things and trying it out. I loved it!! NO TV!!! I went back to your site today and printed out a couple of the easier models for him. I will e-mail you again and let you know how things are going. Thanks for the web-site. Cathy

MAEKAWA Jun - Dear Stephen O'Hanlon san
I find my portrait in your web page. Thank you for the comment "one the most respected folder". But,I am not a master of cat's cradle. I am SHODAN (that means the first stage of Judo) at the best.
I have put some picures including your dragon in our site. (Unfortunately, this page is in Japanese.)

Jaye Selin -

WOW...let me say that again, WOW!!!
Your site really made my day. I'm just starting to fold and was completely awed by the complexity of your models.
Thank-you too for posting the diagrams....
Absolutely wonderful!!!

Eugenia Barbu -
Stephen, (in romanien Stefan)
Romanian language is phonetic. We read all characters how is write. I make usually these mistake . In romanian bed=pat. Only for an English man can be bed I take it the term 'bed English was not a freudian slip...)
Last year I start to teach origami to kindergarten and elementary school. I must to learn easy diagrams for little children, toys, masks....( japanese school from Bucharest give it to me) After one years my pupils fold dinosaurs, horses all kind of birds....., and thank to you ,sonobe ( in Romania we have only 2 origami books in bookstores) Mister O'Hanley your melanosaur is first on the children's top, and your rabbit too.
I'm glad that they've given so much joy - those are two of my favorite simple designs (although as I say, the rabbit owes more to kasahara's ingenuity than to my simple train of thought). The rabbit proves popular with all sorts of audience, children, nurses, patients and lots of others that I work with. Its a model that can be folded quickly, too, so onlooks dont get too bored.
I work in hospitals with very sick children (leukemia, AIDS, talasemia....)
During one of my earlier jobs, I was on call to provide medical cover for an HIV and AIDS unit near Tottenham, London. One of my main jobs was changing intravenous lines and taking blood at weekends or nights - perhaps the most frightening time of my life considering the risk of needlestick injuries. It needs a committed and caring character to work with those who have HIV, and overcome this fear. Keep up the good work.
Thank you.
I try from 2 years (after my mother and my brother's death- cancer) to realize origami theater project. I must to prepare a crew (actors-folders)who working in hospitals... But yet I don't have money. Word vision organization promise to me.... and I wait. Yesterday I was to burns children's hospital "Gr. Alexandrescu" and I play and fold with some girls and they enjoy and forget for half hour the pain . I see complicated cases....... oh Goodness!. Terrific situations.
I want to sorry for O'hanley.
For me you are in origami group very special diagramist creator. I love your work .
Your romanian fan

Dark Moon -

Hello, i found out about your site through a link from and i really liked the Tatsu you folded. I was going to print it out but our printer is out of ink, so i guess that'll have to wait. the only oragami things i can make are butterflys, cranes and samari stars. anyway i enjoyed your site!

Gitana Sweethardt -

This is the best origami site I have found. It is great that you have beginner and experienced level information. I have had a lot of trouble finding a source that could provide this. Everything is clear and easy to understand also. Thank-you!... By the way, do you have a model for a carp? I've been looking, and have found fish, but no carp nor carp-esque fish.

adam -

I would like too know if and or when you are going to make some diagrams for all the dragons you have on your site. I think they are very cool and i would like to be able to fold them myself. I am a novice folder but i think with a little time i to could fold those wonderful models.

Blue Moon (no email)

I have a few requests to make. First, though . this website is amazing! I have never seen a better one! Could you do a simpler sort of dragon, or a goblin? I would appreciate it greatly! THanks!

Eugenia Barbu -

I like melenosaurus very much. My pupils love all yours dinosaurs. Your web site is important for my, I work with children. Thank you, you are the best foldmann for me and my frinds.
from Romania

Erin Luo -

I like the dinosaur very much, especially the harder ones. When guests come to my home, they often suprised by them. I would eargly wait for the undiagramed to be diagramed soon.

Jae Alexander -

Dear Dr. O'Hanlon,
I was enjoying your origami website and noticed a misspelling. In the "What's New" section under June 2000, you have misspelled the word tidbits. The way you have it spelled is rather offensive and I'm sure you did not mean to offend your female readers. I hope you will correct your mistake.
Jae Alexander

Stephen's comments - it is spelt exactly as it appears in the Oxford English Dictionary. Have you emailed them too?
Jernej -

This page is great. I didn t know anything about origami untill I found this site. The basics are fantastic. I want to remind you just that on some diagrams at the bottom of some is something strange so the diagrams aren't visible. Anyway this is a great page, and the diagrams are drawn very clear and precise.

Collin Weber -

I just wanted to tell you that I really love the work that you've done on this site. It is really inspiring to see some of the models that you have created. I especially enjoy your dinosaurs from the site. Before I mostly created animals but recently I have been inventing dinosuars. I started with a triceratops which turned out very well. Then I attempted a Styracosaurus with little hope. But I came out with a nice product and all 6 long spikes above the head. Your model really inspired me. I will hopefully continue to create more dinosaurs. Maybe even a stegasaurus. I really wanted you to know that there are people who are motitvated to make new things from seeing your work. You can check out my page at to see some of my work. Unfortunately I have only photographed one of my dinosaurs and it is only about half completed. The diagrams should be up soon though. I am always looking for someone to talk to about creating and inventing new! models also.
Awaiting new diagrams and pictures from your site,
Collin Weber

Neil Mullinger -

I like your site very much, I have noticed that a high percentage of sites are mainly aimed at the intermediate/advanced person, but yours is fantastic as you also include a superb learning area with progressively harder models. The instructions are clear and introduce the new practitioner to each fold type. Thanks very much for your hard work in compiling this very worthwhile site :)

Fernando Baquero -

Thank you very much, i am totally new in origami art, and your site permit me to understand a little about this.
Best Regards,

Kelli -

Thank you for your sight and adding the begginers torutal I just started lookng for stuff on origami a few days ago and your turtal with the bases and folds realy will help. Already I have deciferd some of the digrams I had found elswere. Your bugs and dragans are wonderful, and I think I might try the chess set. Thank you again I realy like your sight. You have put a lot of work into it.

Clive Frankland -

Hi Dr Stephen
I have been following you web site evolution for some time now. I still maintain that it is the better of all the origami sites I visited. I have began religiously folding your most impressive set of dinosaurs. The last diagram of Deinonychus, d_deinonychus7.gif, seems to be missing. Please will you put it into you dinosaur page.
Thank you for your outstanding models.

Peter Miss -

Hi! I just want to thank you for a superb "walk through" of the origami mysteries. Im a total novice that stumbled on an origami site (Josephs) and tried some models. I thought it was very hard to follow the diagrams and I got more frustration than results. After following the link to your site and taking your 13 step freshman course I have now completed a couple of fairly difficult (at least by my means) models. Your site have now gotten me so interested and fascinated that I will keep strugling with my paper sheets... Best regards Peter Miss Sweden

Stephen's Comments - It seems that 'Miss Sweden' is a Surname and a country. Should any 'Miss Sweden' beauty queens be reading, then please feel free to e-mail me.

L. Lothar C. Hein - Hi Doctor O'Hanlon.
It's Regina, who wrote to you wednesday, about your beautifull Origami's page. I received your answer and I thank you for your atention. I confess that I got very surprise because in fact I have a bad relationship whit Internet and all this technological things (I am a historian and I like old and traditional things), and although knew it, I don`t feel that there are real people behind this machine. But, even more surprised tham me, was my little Filipe when I told him that that man, who does paper`s dinossaurs, wrote to us fron US, and is asking if he likes to fold. He got so excited that wanted to write at the same time and I had to fight for him to eat his dinner.
You wrote in a very coloquial way, what made dificult to me to understand your english. We`re writing from Rio de Janeiro and my contact with your language is through academic`s books with a very formal english. But, for what I understood, you told that children learn folding faster than us. I do agree with you. They learn everything faster than us and, in the case of your dinossaurs, I put all my hopes in his childhood because it hasn`t being easy for me to do them. He completes his 10 at the next 8th and I`d like to decorate the party with those little animals. That`s because I looked for origamis in web and I found your site. Well, as I told you he was anxious to talk to you, and so, I`m sending his handwritten letter and the translating of it. Again I thank you for your gentleness.
All the best, Regina.

Translation :
Hi, my name`s Filipe.
I read your message! I do fold, I study english, and I am brasilien, but I still don`t know how to read what you told to me. I`ve already done masks, turtles, cats, pula-pulas, boats, and paper`s planes. I have a curiosity: Do you have the Discovery Chanel? if you want to know where I studie it`s in Maia Vinagre`s Institute. What`s the kind of your computer? Mine is a PC. Does the area 51 gets there at United States? I`m crazy for science and technology. I allways wanted to be a scientist, did you know it?

Regina Hein -

Hi Mr O'Hanlon's.
Congratulations for this charm page. It's just lovely! Yours dinosaurs are perfect and I'll try to make them all! Unfortunatly I don't have experience on origamis, but I hope I'll be able to do, at least, any of them. I got a son, of 10 years old, that also adored those little animals. I'll try to make a whole colection for him to play. Thank you for this oportunity. May I ask you for some help if I need?
An embrace, Regina.

Brendan Alexander Mesick -

This is now one of my favorite websites, because I have always liked origami, and made your awesome chess board, and I show it off! I cant wait till you make the Bulbasaur, because I usually HATE pokemon, but Bulbasaur is cool, could you tell me when you will update your website again and add Bulbasaur? Thanks very much! You are one of the best origami makers for not using computers to make the origami, you make them by hand, dont you? well anyway, You really have an awesome site, it has a lot of stuff in it, I like your work.

Mallika -

I've always been a bit crazy in the head about origami since I was 5 years old when I stumbled upon a book on it. Your site is the most amazing that I've seen so far on the subject. You have color pictures and such. Beautiful diagrams and great content make for a wonderful experience. I'll be linking your site on my own. It totally blew me away. Thanks for many designs that can't be found in any book! You're my hero of the day. )

Joe Sayers -

Hi, I just thought I'd say how brilliant you are at your Origami stuff. I've never really heard about it untill now. I'll give it a shot! I think it's really nice of you to share your talent with eveyone eles in the world. Anyway, Just thought I'd say Nice One so I will... "Nice One", Cheers
Joseph Sayers

J A Hawthorne - hawthorne_john@hotmail

your models are very good.I work with children who often ask for dinosaurs.Only recently on the internet and it's like a whole new world. Full of admiration for any one who can invent models. I found your site easy to use and well constructed.Many thanks. John Hawthorne.

Monday May 29 2000 - Lar deSouza -

Absolutely gorgeous work!! I especially liked the mantis :) The pose was fantastic!
Thanks for sharing your work online :)

Thiago Alexandre dos Santos -

Hi dear Stephen
I'm sending this e-mail because I love origami and I love dinosaurs! So please turn avaible the diagrams witch are unavaible of the dinosaurs as soon as possible! Please!!! Move yourself and do the diagrams!!!
Hundreds of thank you and so if I did some mistake I just know a little of English.

Simon -

u sad person paper made for wipeing you arse
u sad person paper made for wipeing you arse on

Stephen's Comment - Oddly enough the reply email address didn't work. Perhaps the sad person is the one who has forked out a fortune for a Dreamcast when the PSX II is available.

Larry -

Hi Stephen,
It was a pleasure meeting you in Cambridge, and enjoyable sitting in and being taught by you, I hope you didn't mind me asking questions while you were teaching?
I still don't know where I got the impression on the O-list that you were a lot older, but I suppose that's how it is sometimes.
My 13 year old son liked the dinosaur, so hope you enjoy his sense of humour!
happy hols

Garrett -

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed very much folding your Crow model. I'm looking forward to trying out a few more of your models...
Saturday February 19 2000 - Brian Lynch -

Your pages are absolutely excellent, especially for someone like myself who has only just started origami.
Thanks a million.
Saturday February 12 2000 - From - Jim Holbrook -

I haven't checked your webpage out in at least half a year, but boy was I pleasantly surprised to check it out again now! It is remarkedly improved! Thanks for helping me learn origami, one sheet of paper at a time.
Jim Holbrook
PS. I'm looking forward to learning the rhinoceros, the eagle, the....... or whatever I find next. :-)

Rain Morrison -

Thank you for such an excellent site. I refer to your site often and I just wanted to say thanks for the great folding instructions and wonderful diagrams.
Dragonia Radar Freedom, C.S. - modonnel@JETSTREAM.NET

About all I can say to these accomplishments is: Holy smeg! I am very impressed. A hearty 'Well Done!' is definitely deserved :)
Sunday December 26 1999 - From Ronald Koh -

Just a short note to say that I just orchestrated a raid on the diagrams on your webpages, and grabbed everything that was on offer! Grate stuff - how do you find time to do all that and care for your patients at the same time?
Best regards,

Clive Frankland -

Dr O'Hanlon
Thank you, all the way from South Africa, for probably one of the greatest origami web sites yet.
Best wishes
Clive Frankland

John Hancock -

Dr O'Hanlon,
Just wanted to thank you for posting the cute bunny model on your Geocities site. I am very new to origami, but it is one of my favorite models so far. My wife likes it a lot too. It is one of the models I have written up for my own web page at:
The bunny review is at:
It's not much of a web site, as I started an MBA program shortly after establishing the site, but it is a start, and I intend to work on it more when classes let out.
Have a good day,