Please note that this part of my website is not for children. Some of the links and pictures are not for the faint-hearted. Some of the humour is adult in nature and some of the links are not safe for work.

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Fishy thoughts
A selection of some of my deepest, most personal thoughts, presented as an informal weblog. With plenty of knob gags and smutty pictures.
Fishy cartoons
A selection of some of the worst cartoons ever drawn from my days as a cartoonist at university. Not for those with delicate stomachs. Or for anyone expecting anything funny.
Fishy artwork
A selection of non-origami artwork from my past. As well as fine ink sketches, there are a series of photoshopped images, some of which are in poor taste.
Fishy links
Some people ask where I get my images and links from. Well, these are some of the websites. Some of these contain tasteless content or are not safe for work.