Frequently Asked Questions

I receive quite a lot of e-mail about my website (see here for details), a lot of which ask many similar questions. To save having to reply to the same question many times, I have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions below.

Could you send me diagrams for your dragon?

Almost all of the models that I have provided diagrams for have been scanned and placed on this website. A lot of models that I fold are 'one-offs' and have not been diagrammed. Many more I intend to diagram at some point, but have yet to do so. Also, I do not send diagrams by e-mail; I place them on this website instead. If I have not said that there are diagrams for a particular model, then assume that they don't exist!

Could you send me diagrams for Kawahata's Stegosaurus?

I only place models of my own creation on this website. I do not include works by others, although I would present submissions where permission of the author has been given. I also cannot send diagrams by other artists via e-mail. This is a breach of international copyright, and deprives the author of his or her share of whatever money the book makes. Instead, I recommend that browsers buy or borrow books, or join one of the origami organisations such as the BOS.

Why do you use hand drawn diagrams, rather than computer drawn diagrams?

Hey, I'm a busy trainee surgeon. It takes ages to produce a set of diagrams by hand alone, and I don't really have time to learn have to produce good quality computer diagrams. Experimentation so far has been rather dissapointing and I just cannot get the arrows to look right! Maybe, if I ever produce a book, I'll use computer diagrams. In the meantime, my totally free diagrams will be drawn by hand.

May I use your diagrams for my lecture/magazine/website?

I prefer to be e-mailed if anyone wants to use my work. I am usually happy for lecturers to distribute diagrams for personal use only, so long as my name and the website address is distributed. For professional lectures, I may insist on payment, although for small groups, schools and charitable work, the only payment I ask is an e-mail or photo to tell me how it went. For magazines, I usually only ask for a copy of the final magazine and an advert for my website. I don't really like the distribution of diagrams on other peoples website - there is enough duplication on the web already. However, webmasters should feel free to add a link to the index.html page of this website.

Can I display your models at a public event or an exhibition of my folding?

I'd be delighted for folders to display my designs folded by their own hands. All photos of such work are treasured by myself. All I ask is that people mention my name and this website if asked.

How do you come up with your ideas?

One of these days I'll finish an 'advanced' section on this website for experienced folders wanting to create their own designs. In the meantime, Ill suggest the following - Join an origami society, fold every model you have diagrams for (no matter how insignificant), set yourself targets, fold about 5 disasters for each sucessful model and buy LOTS of paper!

Gosh, you sound sexy! What are you like in person?

Well, Ok, perhaps this isnt exactly a frequently asked question. But for anyone who wants a few personal details about me, and wants to see a rather grim photo, then please click here. And, yes,in answer to some of the questions on the origami mailing list, I am younger than I sound...