There are several ways to contact me. I appreciate all comments about my website, whether positive or negative. Before you do contact me, please read the Frequently asked questions page. To summarise, if the origami diagrams or crease patterns are not on this site, then I usually haven't created them, and will not send them to you. I will never send you anyone elses diagrams. And I will do commissions, but expect to pay a fair bit for them, and to have to deal with someone in the UK.

My email is FISHGOTH (at) GMAIL (dot) com. I am sure that you can replace the 'at' and the 'dot' yourself.

The BOS mailing list
This mailing list is for the members of the BOS only. If you havent already joined, then I strongly recommend it!

The Origami Forum
This forum website is used by many folders around the world and has monthly folding competitions, discussions about designing and plently of photos of peoples' work. Funnily enough, my username is 'Fishgoth'.