The Burger King challenge

Posted on Sunday 12 Dec 1999 on Origami Mailing list
I was at Burger King the other day and while I was folding the paper my burger was wrapped in so it wouldn't touch my shirt I came to think of that it had to be possible to fold something out of the paper! So, who will first fold something from the paper Burger King wraps their burgers (well, at least some of them :P ) in? I'm looking forward to see the scans! You might want to ask for a not used piece ;) Or it'll be as Scott Cramer says, not wetfolding but greasyfolding ;) Good luck!

Here's my response. I force-fed myself a 'Royale with cheese' and folded the wrapper into a Styracosaurus. It has to be one of the worst papers ever to fold, and the cheese and mayo dribbled all over it didnt help :-)