Origami Essays

These pages are a collection of writings on origami. Some are written by myself and some are from E mails I have received, especially from the Origami Mailing List (Origami-L). If you wish to submit an article or to comment on anything, then please click on the E mail button to the left of the screen.

The history and theory of paperfolding

  • A Brief history of Origami
  • Tools of the Trade
  • How to create foil-backed paper

  • Articles on designing Origami models

  • John Montroll from a 10 note
  • Designing a Siamese cat
  • The small bones of the ear
  • Laparoscopic origami
  • Designing origami models - part 1
  • Designing origami models - part 2

  • Comments from the Origami Mailing list

  • Copyright Issues in Origami - David Lister
  • Tiny Origami
  • The Burger King Challenge!
  • The smallest Kawasaki rose