Laparoscopic Origami

I have recently been on a surgical skills course. The last day was dedicated to Laparoscopic surgery, that is, keyhole surgery on the abdomen. We had a plastic abdomen to practice on. Instruments were inserted using 'ports', plastic tubes surgically positioned into the peritoneal cavity. A camera was inserted through one of these and attached to a monitor. Using other ports, instruments such as grabbers, scissors and diathermy could all be introduced, albeit on the end of long handles. I had plenty of fun with the simulated 'gall bladder' and 'appendix' exercises and various other advanced dexterity puzzles.

During this course, I had already folded a dragon during one lunchtime break. One of the other doctors joking suggested that I try to fold it using the simulator. Well, a dragon was too complex, but I gave it a go.

This is supposed to be a swan. It looked more like a swan having recently gone through a lawn-mover. It is not easy to fold using two minute forceps on the end of long handles using only a 2D monitor to guide you. Never the less, I eventually came up with the above model. The course coordinator had never heard of origami being done laparoscopically, so I guess this is a first!