Fishy Cartoons

The name 'Fishgoth' comes from a play on my initials. When I was at medical school, I was an occasional cartoonist for several student publications, including Gubernaculum, Megaphone and Oxford Student. I've reproduced some of the cartoons from 1992 to 1995 here. Most were published, although a few were banned or censored. Influenced more than just a bit by Gary Larson's Far Side, the cartoons do have a slightly adult nature, so they are not suitable viewing for children.
This cartoon ended up in more than one publication and was precisely how I felt during a lot of my first term at medical school. It looks like the lecture is about kidneys from the cartoon. The lecturer could be any one of a dozen people I know...
This was turned down by the Catholic society magazine (I'm a good catholic boy). The editor loved it, but didn't think it would go down very well. Was eventually published in Megaphone. PS : I've no idea who 'Fisgoth' is...
Looking back at this one, I never realised how close this would be to Ear, Nose and Throat surgery.
I spent a week in a VD clinic as a student doctor (not as a patient). They had a book about sexually transmitted diseases with a picture of two copulating iguanas on the front. What I saw in that book was far worse than this cartoon.
I never realised at the time I drew this how close to the truth it would be.
I think I drew this after a vampire movie. I have no idea what I was thinking at the time.
For when you're next having a bad skin day. As far as cartoon stakes go, I was obviously very stuck for ideas.
A blatent rip-off of a Gary Larson cartoon. Oddly enough, even censored, this cartoon was rejected on bad taste, yet Larson's similar one with a crocodile was published in several daily newspapers.
Humour noir anyone?
I've been present during this operation more than once. I've no idea where the anaesthetist is - probably looking out the window or doing a crossword or whatever anaesthetists spend their days doing.
As a terrible rhythm guitarist, I've had gigs almost as bad as this one. And as a doctor, I've shown about as much tact.
A look back on the Oxbridge tutorial system. This seems to be a neurophysiology tutorial, which I often dreamt of escaping.
Colorectal surgery is far more dangerous than this.
I loathe all 'Forever Friends' cards, pencil-cases, etc, with the overly cute teddy-bears on the front. They seem to be thalidomide bears. I tried to picture what would happen if ever they needed to do major surgery...