Origami Basics

This section gives an introduction on paperfolding and has plenty of simple models including a multi-page tutorial.

Origami Animals

This section has a variety of animal designs I have created over the years, from woodland animals to wild animals and pets.

Origami Dinosaurs

This section has a large number of dinosaur designs, ranging from big to small and plant-eater to carnivore. This may be the largest collection of dinosaur designs by a single folder on the internet.

Origami Plants

This section has a selection of simple plants, flowers and vases to put them in.

Origami Fantasy

This section has a selection of fantasy models, sci-fi models and pokemon.

Origami Chess Set

This section provides diagrams for a complete origami chess set, as well as a chess board designed by Marc Kirschenbaum.

Origami Insects

This section contains diagrams for extremely difficult models - supercomplex origami. Currently, there are diagrams for a winged atlas beetle.

Old Diagrams

This section has a collection of diagrams that used to be on this website, or never got around to making it. Some of them are diagrams I never even got around to completing, but scanned anyway.

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