Origami Plants and Flowers

Flowers and plants are a popular subject in orgami and attractive models can be made with brightly coloured paper. I am not perhaps the greatest at folding such flowers, but here is a small selection of fairly simple models that look attractive.

Simple Rose
This is a three piece model based on the classic 'Tulip' design: One of these modules alone makes quite a nice tulip design. I would recommend using paper that is red on both sides, and a green sheet for the Rose base, which creates four green petals. Glue this to a long strip of valley folded green card for a quick and attractive gift!

Brazilian Prayer Plant
The Brazilian Prayer plant is an attractive houseplant with stripy leaves that open out during the day, and close together at night, similar to two hands moving together in prayer, hence its name. They are supposed to be difficult to grow, but my one, Martin, has lived through droughts, positioning next to a radiator and dreadful positioning, yet still remains alive.
Each of these models makes a leaf. I find about nine leaves is the minimum for a realistic looking plant.

This daffodil model uses a simple lock to hold the centre of the model together, and creates four petals from the four corners of the square. The daffodil is a popular flower all around the British Isles, and is one of the national symbols of Wales.

Simple Vase
Here is a vase for the roses and leaves of the Prayer plant. It is best made with very thick paper that is wet-folded, to give it a clay-like look.