Old diagrams

Due to previous bandwidth restrictions, I have not been able to display as many diagrams on this website as I would like. From time to time, I have removed sets of diagrams as I have found better techniques on how to fold the subject. Now that I have bought some more space for this website, I can restore some of these diagrams and present them on this page.
Recently, I found a stash of old diagrams that I had forgotten that I had drawn. A lot of these have not appeared on the net before, several for good reason! I will display some of these on this page too. Many such sketches represent ideas that just didn't work, or were so blatently copied that I didn't have the nerve to display them. As you can see, some aren't even finished...


An early design of the monster from Lord of the Rings. As a 2D model, it looked okay, however, it did not look right when allowed to stand alone.

Beetle version 1

Rather unoriginal and the legs are not very long. I'm not quite sure what species it is supposed to be, either...


Clumpy with a poor design for the back. Borrows a Montroll style base.


Not quite sure why I never used these diagrams.


Another early design. The body was too thick on this model and it just didn't look right...


Was on the animal diagrams page for a while, however, the legs were too short and the neck was too thick. I have designed a much better giraffe, which I hope to diagram soon.


Another fantasy model that doesnt quite work. The wings are not well defined, and the model looks odd from the front. I'm not sure where the final step of this model is, either.


A complex use of the simple frog base. Feel free to design your own front - I seem to have omitted steps for it.


I was intending to release a set of diagrams all based on a standard book base. Then I realised that John Montroll had beaten me to it. Here is one of those creations, along with the first three pages of the base.

Procompsognathus version 1

A simple dinosaur from the frog base. This design was modified to an Allosaurus design, and I came up with a simpler procompsognathus design later on.


The front legs are too short. It also seems to be ripped off from a Lang base.