Origami Fantasy Diagrams

Here are a selection of various fantasy models. As well as creations from mythology, I have included models from fields as diverse as Star Wars to Pokemon. Click on the title or the picture to load the diagrams.

Dragon (photo diagrams)
This is one of my earlier dragon designs, which has been refined gradually over the years. I have probably folded this model more than any other! It uses a simple strip graft into a stretched bird base, effectively so I can incorporate a small frog base at one end to form the head.

White Unicorn
The unicorn is a large horse with a single horn on its forehead and a long leonine tail. I have designed this as a two-tone model so that the horn and tail are a different colour. Care must be taken when forming the forelimbs otherwise the front of them also ends up this colour!

This model represents, of course, the diminutive Jedi Master from the Star Wars films. I have discoved after diagramming the model that it makes a rather nice finger puppet if folded from 4 inch paper.

Pikachu is everyone's favourite Pokemon. It seems to be a cross between a banana and a mouse and has electrical powers. It evolves into Raichu. This simple model uses a bird base (see the basics section) and an optional cut to form the feet.

Silver Dragon (Crease Pattern)
Here is the crease pattern for the final draft of the 2006 silver dragon. The base uses a mixure of polygon packing and a series of strip grafts along the diagonal to create the teeth. The final model has five horns on the head - this version has three longer horns, although the principle is the same. The toes are not shown on this pattern - have a look in the 'Theory' section for the method I used to create them.