I have never been very good at chess. I was on my college chess team when I was at Oxford, but for one league game only. Perhaps I was thrown off the team for nipping off for a quick pint of lager between one of my opponent's moves. Anyway, shortly after obtaining diagrams for Marc Kirschenbaum's modular chessboard, I was asked to provide some models for a Japanese art exhibition at the Kaetsu centre, Cambridge. I thought that a chess set would make a very nice piece, and so I set out to design one. The result is seen below.

I have received many E mails asking me for these diagrams; thank you for everyone's patience. I have diagrammed the black pieces for now. The white ones are different designs and may follow later. The models below are folded from gold fold backed wrapping paper, with the white side painted black with Indian ink. For the pieces, use three-inch squares of paper. The heads of the pawns require two-inch squares of paper. The board itself should be folded from four squares of about 16 inches per side. Please note that the diagrams for the knight are improved versions of the one shown in the photo. Also, many thanks to Marc Kirschenbaum for allowing my to display his chessboard design ( (c)1996, Marc Kirschenbaum, with kind permission) . Enjoy folding!

Standard base . Pawn . Bishop . Knight . Rook . Queen . King . Chess board