Black Widow Spider

Yes, I know. This is technically a spider rather than an insect, but I'd rather display it here, rather than the dinosaurs section or the sea-life section. I suppose I could name the whole galery 'athropods', but that would be a bit over-the-top. Anyway, back to the folding. The model is folded from an octagon (four corners are not used), with a lot of box-pleating in the centre. The mandibles come from two box-pleated flaps, and the abdomen from another off-centre flap.

Designer : Designed and folded by myself, Copyright 2006
Paper : One uncut 25cm square
Diagrams : None available
Crease pattern : None available

Please note : Unless I have indicated above, diagrams and crease patterns do not exist for this model. Please do not email me requesting them.