I have recently begun to design what could be called 'supercomplex' models. These are models which have well over 100 steps to them, and involve lots of difficult sinks, reverse folds and closed unwrap folds, etc. Insects are becoming a favourite of mine, and I am slowly working my way through a Collins Gem book of creepy crawlies. In order to fold these, I have had to use a whole new series of bases, some of which I have borrowed from Robert Lang's Origami insects book, but most I have designed from scratch. Please note that these models will not be diagrammed on this site, as each one would take up way too many pages. However, if ever I write an origami book...

Hercules Beetle 2010
Samurai Helmet Beetle
Five Horned Beetle 2010
Flying Longhorn
Wasp 2010
Flying Stag Beetle
Winged Goliath beetle
Flower beetle
Eupatorus gracilicornis
Goliath beetle
Atlas beetle 2007
Cyclometus metalifer
Hercules beetle
Mantis 2006
Black widow spider
Harlequin beetle
Stag beetle 2006
Chaffer beetle
Atlas beetle 2004
Flying Jambar Beetle
Scarab beetle
Rhinoceros beetle
Mantis 2004
Flying neptune beetle
Bluebottle fly
Poplar leaf beetle
Stag beetle
Devil's Horsecoach
Longhorn beetle
Sexton beetle
Flying atlas beetle
Giant neptune beetle
Rhinoceros beetle