Cyclometus metalifer

The Cyclometus metalifer stag beetle is one of those 'Holy-grail' type origami models that every designer wants to have a go at. When one of the monthly challenges on the Origami Forum was to design an insect form, I felt that I had to give it a go. By dividing a square into nine smaller rectanges (close to thirds, but a little different) and collapsing, I developed a base with enough long and short flaps to create the parts of the insect. Add a huge amount of box-pleated sinking and a few rather nasty closed-sinks in the middle, and you end up with the above model. Sort of.

Designer : Designed and folded by myself, Copyright 2006
Paper : One uncut 25cm square
Diagrams : None available
Crease pattern : None available

Please note : Unless I have indicated above, diagrams and crease patterns do not exist for this model. Please do not email me requesting them.