Eupatorus gracilicornis beetle

This is another model that every designer wants to come up with their own version. The model originally started out as a blintz frog base, but this gave a very long central horn, and very short carapace horns. By adjusting the position of the central points, and using angles other than the traditional 45 or 22.5 to divide angles, a bettler arrangement of models can be obtained, with enough paper left over for two antenna and a head as well. If only I could make the colour-change thorax a little longer...

Designer : Designed and folded by myself, Copyright 2007
Paper : One uncut 25cm square
Diagrams : None available
Crease pattern : None available

Please note : Unless I have indicated above, diagrams and crease patterns do not exist for this model. Please do not email me requesting them.