Part 2 Valley folds and Mountain folds.

These are the two simplest folds in origami. A valley fold means fold in front along the line. This is represented by a dashed line.
A mountain fold means fold behind along the line. This is represented by a dash-dot-dash line. Some books represent it as a dash-dot-dot-dash line.
Together, almost all folds in origami are combinations of these two folds, in one way or another. Some models are composed entirely of one mountain or valley fold at a time. These are called Pureland folds. These models are often the simplest types of model to fold, although some of them can be pretty complicated.
This is a simple model to start you off with. It is a simple Samurai helmet, part of the armour worn by a Japanese warrior. It is modelled here by a cuddly Tasmanian Devil. All the folds are valley and mountain folds. A 12" square of paper produces a hat 8" wide, which should be big enough for most heads.
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