Part 5 The Waterbomb base

There are several 'bases' commonly used in origami. These are a series of steps that lead up to an intermediate model. Many different models can then be formed from this base. The most commonly used bases were named by Samuel Randlett and Robert Harbin and these are; the Waterbomb base, the Preliminary base, the Fish base, the Bird base and the Frog base. We will start with the Waterbomb base.
The most commonly made model from the Waterbomb base is the Waterbomb. This is a simple origami cube. I rather like the final step which involves blowing into the small hole at the bottom and inflating the whole model. The Waterbomb can hold quite a fair bit of water, which can be poured into the hole, and is apparently quite I am told.
Click here for the base
Click here for the water bomb

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